How to Drink on a Budget

So you're hungover on a Sunday morning. You're still completely clothed and wearing last night's make up. You kind of fumble around for your phone only to find that you forgot to plug the charger into the wall...again. Plug it in, wash off your makeup, and get yourself a black coffee. After you decipher through a few texts that were definitely written with a little liquid courage and scroll through Instagram to find a picture that you definitely should have facetuned a little more, check your bank account.

There are two types of drunk people; the one who transfers their whole paycheck into their checking account and buys rounds for every living soul in the bar, and the one who knowingly befriends the first guy and clings to their tab. We've all been both, trust me.

Maybe in college you could ignore your bank app and just assume everything was okay, mom and dad could transfer money over when they saw you were running a little low. Totally fine. Except now you're an adult and I hope you have a bank account that isn't associated with your parents anymore. It's safe to guess that your employer doesn't really care that you spent your whole paycheck in one weekend, they aren't going to deposit any more money.

So you had a good night, you probably have a hangover from Hell if you're 23 or older. But now you have $4 left over unless you move money over from your savings account. But don't do that!

A few of us might be accustomed to the college life of drinking dollar wells Thursday-Sunday, but how possible is that with a 9-5 and two-day hangovers? Your bank account and liver are probably BEGGING you to slow down. So how do you keep your social life without sacrificing your health and your savings?

1. Pregame                                                                                

Get a few bottles of wine or a 12-pack and invite the girls over before you Uber to the bar. Chances are after a few glasses of Moscato, you won't need 6 cranberry vodkas to keep your feet numb enough to wear heels all night.

2. Check Facebook for Local Events

There's a Facebook event for everything these days. I'm sure you can find a Bierstube or concert nearby that will have cheap beer or is BYOB.

3. Local Wineries and Breweries

Most local business are just trying to get their name out there and get new customers in the door. Breweries and wineries often offer flights or tastings so you can experience their product without a huge financial commitment.

4. Clearance Alcohol

CVS and Wal-Mart are the best for this. Do I like SkinnyGirl Vodka? No. Will I buy it if it's half price? Absolutely.

5. Festivals

I can't tell you how many little plastic cups I've accumulated over the years from these. The tickets are usually reasonably priced and you can fill up your sample cup as many times as you want. Bonus points if you end up with a pretzel necklace.

What's the over under that you end up at your favorite watering hole anyway? It's the thought that counts though, right? I advise you keep a cold Gatorade in your fridge and stay away from your savings account, the rest is up to you.