How I Saved $10,000 in Six Months: Part II

I figured out pretty quickly that the Dick's Sporting Goods life was not for me. Maybe waitressing or bartending would be more bearable? Idk, I didn't try it. But I promised myself that I wouldn't quit until I found another way to make money. Determined. Determined AF.

Passive income is the concept of making money with little to no effort. If that doesn't sound attractive, I don't know what will.

I listened to podcasts, I asked around, I googled. I finally came across one episode of Side Hustle (best podcast ever, go listen) about a guy in Amsterdam who lives solely off the income he makes through Airbnb. I would describe Airbnb as a website that offers rooms or whole spaces for much cheaper than hotels. All communication, background checks, and payments go directly through the website for security reasons. Basically if there are hotels in your area, there is a possible marketplace for Airbnb. There are obviously safety precautions you should take if you look into this. I only allow female guests and also require Airbnb to do an extra background check. You don't have to book anyone you don't feel comfortable with. There's a difference between feeling awkward and feeling unsafe, trust your gut here.

My apartment is definitely not anywhere as cool as Amsterdam, but it was definitely worth a shot. If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love living alone. I love doing what I want, when I want and no one telling me otherwise. But for extra income, I was willing to sacrifice my freedom a bit. So I bought a cheap mattress, had spare keys made, took a few pictures, and listed my space on the web site.

There is currently a Chinese exchange student living in my spare bed room. She keeps taking the toilet paper from the bathroom and hiding it in the kitchen cabinet. I'm dying to know why but can't ask her because she doesn't speak any English. But she's paying me $30 a night to stay here, so I guess it's fine. Sacrifices, right?

In 2016, I have been able to pay my rent and utilities bill just from my Airbnb income. It's not all rainbows and butterflies, but income is income.

Renting out your spare room is just one way to earn passive income. Providing a budgeting/personal finance service to post grads is another. See what I did there? If you get creative the possibilities are endless here.

Homegirl got creative. She's an avid runner. Like insane amounts of miles. Enough that just thinking about it makes my shins hurt. She posted a Facebook status that she would take people's phone with her on a run for $1 a kilometer to help players hatch an egg on Pokémon Go. Genius, right? She has found a way to turn a profit and not exert any extra effort.

Start a blog, build an Airbnb empire, hatch a shit ton of eggs.  Slide in the DM's of that computer science major and ask him to help build that app you've had in the back of your mind. You might be surprised by how cute he is under those glasses, and even more surprised by how profitable your ideas really are. It doesn't matter what you do, figure out a way to make money by doing it. The more creative you are, the more opportunities you have. That's the beauty of passive income.