Budget Template

Budgeting can be complicated, and sometimes overwhelming. That is why I designed an idiot-proof budget template that takes both the stress and hassle away from you. If you are interested in purchasing the template please send me an email using the contact tab. 

Personal Finance Advice

Do you have a question regarding your spending, or better yet your savings? Post-grads often find themselves in a storm of bills, loans & uncertainty.  Here is an unbiased opinion from a girl who has been in your shoes.  Whatever it is, here is an hour of my time and my best answers. Again, I am just a message away.

Budgeting Tips and Tricks

Do you have a spending/saving problem? Send me your last three bank statements or credit card statements and I guarantee I can cut your spending in half. I have a list of simple and painless tips and tricks I'd love to share. Trust me, your savings account will thank you.