14 Ways to Boost your Income Using the Sharing Economy

Sometimes the bi-weekly paycheck from your 9-5 just isn't enough. Trust me; we could all use a little extra spending money these days. I've compiled a list of apps and websites that make it simple and easy to earn extra income while barely lifting a finger.

1. AirBnB

If you're not using AirBnB to travel, check it out. It's a much cheaper alternative to a hotel and much cleaner and cozier than a motel. Individuals put a spare bedroom, apartment, house, or even a couch on the site and open their calendar for bookings.

If you have hotels in your area, there is a market for Airbnb. Think about putting your couch up for rent or even your room if you're going out of town. You might have a low upfront cost such as sheets or nicer guest towels, but let's be honest; you could probably use those anyway.

2. Bookscouter

If you’re anything like me, your bookcase is your trophy case. But maybe you don’t need 40 old novels and self-help books collecting dust. Someone will definite enjoy your hand me down 50 Shades book just as much as you did. Scan the barcodes into this app and wait for an offer. Once someone places a bid, fill in your payment info and ship.

3. Foap

Remember last week at brunch when you took that oh-so-candid shot of your BFF blurred behind an order of eggs benny with the perfectly positioned carafe of mimos? Or that perfectly casual shot of your perfectly painted toes hanging out of a hammock watching the sunset? Upload them to this site and people will pay you for the rights to your photos. You've been instagramming for years. Put all those likes and filters to good use and make a little extra money.

4. Getaround

Have you ever tried to rent a car? It’s expensive, a hassle, and the attendant gets annoyed if you don’t purchase the extra insurance. No one wants to pay $100+ a day. Put your car up for rent while you’re on vacation or taking a long weekend by using this app. They take care of all the payment processing and insurance.

5. HomeDine

Speaking from experience, cooking for one is extremely difficult. I always have way too many leftovers and end up eating the same thing for a week. Put your leftover meals on here for people to enjoy a home cooked meal while either traveling or just having a busy day. This is a perfect alternative for throwing away food that goes bad or you get tired of. Make it a goal to fund your grocery list solely from profits if you live in a bigger city.

6. Ibotta

Take your receipts from your grocery shopping each week and scan them in. Certain items are featured each week and will earn you anywhere from a few cents to a dollar. I won’t lie, this gets a little tedious. Ibotta offers great gift cards that make it worth it. Spending $25 at Target or Starbucks feels less guilty if it’s technically free money.  

7. Just Park

If you live in a city where you own or rent a parking space, put it up for rent when you aren’t using it by using this app. Time increments are as low as a half hour, so you can utilize the extra income even when you’re our running errands for a few hours. This is an absolutely effortless way to pad your paycheck.  

8. Poshmark

Everyone knows a girl who never wears the same thing twice. How does she afford always having new clothes? What does she do with them afterwards? Use Poshmark to sell your gently used clothing items. Post grads are constantly looking for a way to make their dollar to stretch farther. This is the perfect way to sell your clothes to make a little extra money or even to browse for some great discounts.

9. Receipt Hog

This app is similar to Ibotta, but they accept all receipts. You can shop anywhere and earn points for your purchases. However it takes longer to earn a gift card since the point values aren’t as high. Either way, free money.  

10. Rover

Sign up to pet sit, dog walk, and even do in house visits. Pet owners will view your profile and request whichever pet services you are able to offer. This is a perfect way to cure your puppy fever without having the full responsibility and commitment of a dog.

11. Spinlister

Sports rental companies charge an arm and a leg for a few hours of bike, ski, or even surfboard rentals. This app allows you to rent out your equipment at a lower rate instead of letting it collect dust in your garage. A new bicycle could pay for itself tenfold by renting your old one out.

12. Uber/Lyft

Everyone has had a drunken night and responsibly turned to their favorite transportation app. But have you thought of becoming a driver? You make your own schedule, retain about 80% of each ride, and are essentially your own boss. Everyone has been forced to DD before; you might as well get paid for it.

13. Udemy

Again, everyone has something they’re good at. That could be anything from Microsoft Excel, cooking, resume building, or even how to play a sport. Udemy allows anyone to upload online courses to their site for customers to purchase. This is completely passive income that allows you to teach a skill that you are already passionate about and familiar with.

14. Zaarly

This app allows you to create your own online store. You can sell anything from baked goods, financial services, delivery services, or even home repairs. Everyone is good at something. Put your skills to good use and earn extra money by advertising your specialties.

Now there’s no excuse as to why you aren’t putting your infamous dog walking skills or grandmothers apple pie recipe to good use. These 14 apps will help you pad your checking account and make ordering that third bloody mary guilt free. Each app is easy to use and will earn you extra income without you lifting a finger.