Why TF should I budget?

I'm stuck in the middle of a blizzard with only my laptop, a large amount of craft beer, and a bag of BBQ Lays.

So...I write this with love, a slight buzz, and an overwhelming feeling of hangry.

I opened up an IRA last week and went to my father for advice for what specifically to invest in. He asked me a series of questions that I would compare with being unsuspectingly shot by a paintball gun several times over.

"What year do you plan to retire?" My response was a blank stare.

"2055?" Holy shit, what? NO.

Unless you are in love with the cubicle you sit in, the boss man you answer to, and the barely there paychecks you are receiving, you NEED to budget. The financial decisions you are making now could cut your #cubelife in half. Do you think you could give up that daily starbs run for something homebrewed, or even a budget friendly KCup? Do you think you could bring your lunch a few times a week and exponentially decrease your lunch tabs?

I think you can.

No one wants to sit in a fucking cubicle for 30+ years. I'm sorry, but that sounds like a special version of Hell.

Let's start out small and see where your mind takes you.

If you buy a cup of coffee three days a week, for $3 per cup, that's $9 per week. Seems small, right? Let's be conservative and say you only do this 48 weeks out of the year. That's $432 you have spent on coffee. Maybe that still seems small?

You should double check my math. Craft beer, you know?

Say you like going out to lunch. Same, love lunch. Let's estimate you go out to lunch twice a week. Maybe $15 per trip if you're getting an entrée and a diet coke (we're all watching our figures here). That's $30 a week. Again, let's estimate this at 48 weeks, that's $1440 per year.

Let that sink in.

Again, I am not here to take away your social life or your eggs benny. I am here to help you make miniscule changes in your life that will help you spend less and save more.

I've offered a few scenarios and I feel as though I owe you a few solutions.

1. Suck it up and drink the free coffee in your office. I am aware that it sucks. I am also aware that it is free. Save your money for happy hour later or even a new car down the road. You'll live, I promise.

2. Buy a Keurig or a coffee maker. Again, you'll live. Get a cute reusable thermos. You will look just as cool retiring at 50 as you do now with a $4 venti skinny non- fat whatever in your hand. I promise.

3. Eat your lunch at your desk and use your lunch hour to go on a walk with a coworker. I do this every single day. None of my coworkers even flinch at the idea anymore. You still get to keep your social life while also not starving. I promise you that no one will cease to be your friend because you suggest some sunshine and exercise.

Okay. So we're in this together, right? We can get matching reusable mugs and fill them with shitty office coffee #totesadorbs.

Have questions? I got you. Or...we can figure out an answer together. I look forward to your email.