Invest in Yourself

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this weekend and came across a photo of thirteen women holding their passports in a circle. The caption was something along the lines of "One Month. No hair and nail appointments. No frivolous spending. Why? Instead, invest in a passport. See the world." It was a stock photo posted by one of those annoying robot accounts with no original content. Normally I would just scroll through, but this one caught my eye.

"Invest in a passport."

These women realized that you really can't have it all, but you can set a goal for yourself and do everything you can to reach it. They saw traveling as a goal and in turn, an investment. They chose to make sacrifices to save up for a small paper book that could literally give them the world. I promise, when you are at the top of the Eifel Tower with a flute of champagne looking out over all of Paris, you won't care that you missed a few nail appointments. You won't be thinking twice about how your highlights need to be touched up as you sip Chianti in a Tuscan vineyard. And I guarantee you couldn't care less about all the fast food you gave up as you sit in a thermal bath in Budapest.

You can keep scrolling through your Instagram feed and be jealous of Megan with the brand new goldendoodle that just graduated freshman K-9 classes. Or Tyler who is spending the next six months backpacking across Europe. Or even Ashley who just paid for a brand new Jeep Wrangler in cash. But can you really be that jealous or feel that sorry for yourself if you aren't actively trying to set and reach your own goals?

Whether it be a passport, a new car, or that designer puppy you've been eyeing, choose to invest in something you love. Set a goal for yourself and make small steps to ensure you reach it. Don't view your saving as sacrificing going out to lunch everyday or letting your hair and nails suffer. View it as investing in yourself.